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Helping Storm Victims

Published: 2/17/2016

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Our newest engineer, Jacob Sumrall, headed out to Century, FL this week to help out the tornado victims that were affected during our recent breakout of severe weather.  Jacob, along with a group of 60 other volunteers from the Pensacola region with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped to >provide relief to the victims of the tornado that tore through the Century/Flomaton area. The relief included 4 teams sent to help to the extent possible. Jacob's group headed to Old Fannie Rd. where the most damage was in the Flomaton area. His group assisted in the removal of salvageable items from a destroyed house after removing dangerous hanging trusses. The items were cleaned to the extent possible and a storage facility was contacted and trucks and trailers with all the salvageable household items were taken and placed in storage. Two other homes which sustained significant damage to the roof had the trees removed from off the house with chainsaws, and axes. Other fallen trees in the yard were also removed and temporary tarps were installed until insurance adjusters arrive to assess the homes.We commend Jacob for his efforts. Way to go!

JDA is able to provide structural damage assessments after storm events. We have experience in investigating flood damaged homes and businesses, hurricane damage, fire and even termite damage. We are able to provide the client with a detailed structural assessment report.  We will gladly work for owners, municipalities, insurance agencies or others in need of our services. 

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