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National Naval Aviation Museum HangarPensacola, FL

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The National Naval Aviation Museum Hangar Exhibition Hall is a 240'-0"x233'-6" pre-engineered metal building for the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL. The building is relatively tall for a pre-engineered building with a 53 ft eave height and a clerestory running down the ridge with a eave height of 69'-3". The rigid frames of the metal building span 210'-0" and must be capable of supporting a 20,000 lbs load anywhere along their span. "Lean-to" frames along the sides create mechanical, office and storage areas and keep the main floor open for displays. One end supports fully functioning rolling hangar doors. Our main priority was the design of the structural slab-on-grade and the large foundations to support the metal building frames which, because of the high wind loads and large size of the building, had to be coordinated with the metal building provider to determine number and locations of the braced frames that make up the building lateral support system. Additional structural elements designed for the metal building are the X-braced frames over the main entry, exterior canopies and glass curtain wall support beams.

  • Architect: Caldwell Associates
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record
  • Square Feet: 54,900
  • Year: 2010
  • Cost: $493,000

Ft. Carson Butts AAF Hangar MegaDoorFt. Carson, CO

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The project was to replace the existing hangar doors with new stand-up, bottom-rolling hangar doors. We had to review the existing hangar, hangar doors and door support rails to provide new steel framed metal sheathed doors that matched the existing opening. Our new doors were self-powered and offered more options for opening configurations. In addition to upgrading the seals around the doors, the new doors also have translucent panels that allowed for more natural light when closed.

  • Architect: Heffernan Holland Morgan Archtiecture
  • Year: 2015

Tacky Jack's Cooling TowerOrange Beach, AL

Wood framed structure with steel cable bracing designed to withstand 160 mph winds. The top enclosure was designed to look like an old-fashioned water tower in order to add to the ambiance of the Tacky Jack's restaurant in Orange Beach, AL.

  • Architect: Brad Patterson, Architect
  • Year: 2016


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