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Community Maritime ParkPensacola, Florida

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117,000 sf 5,270 seat multi-use stadium. Construction includes precast concrete bowl seating, steel framed elevated slabs, post-tensioned slabs-on-grade and an auger cast pile foundation with concrete grade beams and pile caps. This project was custom designed to meet the needs of the client for the use by a minor league baseball team as well as for accommodating other sporting and festival type events. The structure and slab-on-grade was pile supported due to poor soil conditions and concern over scour from hurricanes. Due to the acquisition of a AA Baseball Team, during steel fabrication and construction of the foundation, enhancements to the stadium were added to the project scope. JDA worked diligently to adjust the structure while using newly constructed elements within the enhancements and also providing subcontractors information need to keep construction moving forward without incurring additional mobilization fees. Estimated Construction Cost: $18.5 million


  • Architect: Populous
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record
  • Square Feet: 117,000
  • Year: 2012
  • Cost: $18,500,000

Pensacola Ferry Landing

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The ferry landing area is located along the downtown Pensacola waterfront at the Port of Pensacola. This will be the main hub for two new ferries.  The structure will include ticketing, office space, restrooms, stadium-style seating, and sheltered areas for waiting passengers. 

  • Architect: Bullock-Tice Associates
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record
  • Year: 2019
  • Cost: $3,300,000

Bayview Community CenterPensacola, FL

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JDA provided the structural design, produced construction documents, and provided construction administration services for this new 13,500sf facility. The structure consists of a structural steel gravity framing system with structural steel braced frames to resist lateral loads and conventional shallow foundations. Roof- framed with sloping wide flange steel beams parallel with the roof edges producing the shape of a hyperbolic parabaloid, allowing a curved structure to be framed out of straight beams.

  • Architect: Caldwell Associates
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record
  • Square Feet: 13,500
  • Stories: 1
  • Year: 2021

Hunter AmphitheaterPensacola, FL

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The Randall K and Martha A Hunter Amphitheater consists of architecturally exposed steel trusses and frames supporting curved steel roof purlins with a heavy timber, tongue-and-groove roof deck. The steel trusses and frames are designed and shaped to resemble the fronds of a palm tree. The steel structure is supported on concrete piers that are supported on a large concrete pile cap that rests on auger-cast-in-place piles. The concrete piers also support the main stage floor. The stage floor is an flat plate, 8 inch thick post-tensioned concrete slab.

"Design challenges for the Hunter Amphitheater included siting in a FEMA V-zone, poor soils, and a corrosive humid marine environment. The stage was placed such that the lowest structural element was just above the FEMA flood elevation plus a three foot freeboard as required by local ordinances. FEMA regulations required the stage floor to be a suspended structural slab, and the walls below the stage to be “breakaway. The stage is a post-tensioned concrete slab. The potential for scour due to high velocity wave action, as well as the poor soils required that the structure be pile supported. The superstructure was a unique design of decorative steel trusses. These long span trusses are constructed of curved structural steel tubing. To combat the corrosive environment, a three-coat high performance coating was used. Special attention is paid to drainage to prevent ponding of water in the crevices of the steel. The roof deck is solid tongue and groove timber."

  • Architect: Bullock-Tice Associates
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record
  • Year: 2011
  • Cost: $1,290,000

Biloxi MGM Park StadiumBiloxi, MS

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The new 455,000 SF. 6,040 seat stadium will be the home for a Minor League Baseball team located in Biloxi, MS. It will also host other large outdoor events such as concerts and festivals.. The stadium layout will be organized around the concourse level that will wrap around the field and include concessions, a lounge and a team store. The majority of the seating will be located below the concourse level with 12 suites situated above the concourse. Estimated construction cost: $36.0 Million.

  • Architect: Dale Partners
  • Square Feet: 455,000
  • Year: 2015

Bridge for Clay HarperAtlanta, GA

This bridge was created to cross a creek to gain open a portion of the lot for his residence. The residence was all concrete construction, so the bridge was designed to take the load of concrete trucks. The shape of the bridge was inspired by the moment diagram of the continuous three span beam. A plate girder of A588 Weathering Steel was proportioned to resist the moments. The bridge bears on stone faced concrete retaining wall abutments. It was inspected after approximately 10 years and found to be in excellent condition.

  • Architect: Clay Harper
  • JDA's Role: Structural Engineer of Record

Eglin Variable Height Tower

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This project consisted of the design of a steel-framed, dual-structure lifting tower system that can raise a research labratory, equipment and personnel from ground level to 80ft above ground level and lower them back within a time limit of 5-10 minutes.  The highest framing members of the tower are 94 ft above ground level. Ultimate design wind speed is 141 mph. 

A hydraulic lifting system (by others) with a max design lifting capacity of 20,000 pounds is included in the project. All steel members were hot-dipped galvanized and shop welded connections were used at all possible locations. A stair system for pedestrian access from ground level to the top of the tower was designed integral with the tower.  The foundation system for the two tower components consists of two large concrete mats with a max thickness of 4'-3".  

  • Architect: Heffernan Holland Morgan
  • Year: 2015


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